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Recipe Name Category Total Views
1 Viennese Fingers Baked Goods 8
2 Viennese Jam Pockets Baked Goods 8
3 Vushka(Little Ear Dumplings) Baked Goods 8
4 Walnut Biscotti Baked Goods 8
5 Walnut Pound Cake Baked Goods 8
6 Washington Cheesecake Baked Goods 8
7 Watermelon Cake Baked Goods 8
8 What To Do with The Egg Yolks Bread Baked Goods 8
9 Wheat-Flour Applesauce Doughnuts Baked Goods 8
10 Wheaten Bread Baked Goods 8
11 White Chcocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Baked Goods 8
12 White Chocolate Chip Cookies Baked Goods 8
13 White Chocolate Scones Baked Goods 8
14 White Christmas Crinkles Baked Goods 8
15 White Christmas Pie Baked Goods 8
16 White Coconut Cake Baked Goods 8
17 Whole Orange and Almond Cake and Marmalade Cheesecake Cream Baked Goods 8
18 Whole Wheat Bagels Baked Goods 8
19 Whole Wheat Bread-Part 1 Baked Goods 8
20 Ww Cinnamon Rolls Baked Goods 8
21 Ww Lemon Blitz Cake-Points:3 Baked Goods 8
22 Ye Ole Union Oyster House Apple Pie Baked Goods 8
23 Yellow Squash Pie Baked Goods 8
24 Yet Another Brownie Recipe Baked Goods 8
25 Yogurt Apple Spice Cake Baked Goods 8
26 Yogurt Herb Bread Baked Goods 8
27 Young and Restless Carrot Cake (Lauralee Bell Baked Goods 8
28 Kookie Cookies Baked Goods 8
29 Kosh Tili Baked Goods 8
30 Kosher For Passover Cheesecake Baked Goods 8
31 Koulourakia (Greek Easter Cookies) Baked Goods 8
32 Kris Kringles Baked Goods 8
33 Krumiri Baked Goods 8
34 Lemon Almond Cheesecake w/Biscotti Crust Baked Goods 8
35 Nancy's Fresh Apple Cake Baked Goods 8
36 Nell's Banana Cake Baked Goods 8
37 Nestle's Toll House Cookies Baked Goods 8
38 Scott's Oatmeal Cookies Baked Goods 8
39 Chocolate Pound Cake with Frosting Baked Goods 8
40 Chocolate Pound Cake with Fudge Frosting^ Baked Goods 8
41 Chocolate Raisin Poppyseed Cookies Baked Goods 8
42 Clinton's Chips Baked Goods 8
43 Cold Water Chocolate Cake Baked Goods 8
44 Concord Grape Pie Baked Goods 8
45 Cookie: Crispie Treats (No Bake) Baked Goods 8
46 Cookies& Cream Cake Baked Goods 8
47 Corky's Daily Bread Baked Goods 8
48 Corn Fritters with Orange Dippin Sauce Baked Goods 8
49 Delight-Full Double Deck Baked Goods 8
50 Deluxe Roll-Out Sugar Cookies Baked Goods 8

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Related Recipe:
Mushroom-Bacon Party Pate

2 lb Mushrooms (fresh),

-chopped very fine 1/2 lb Bacon (or more,

-to taste) 2/3 c Onion, chopped

-very fine 2/3 c Celery, chopped

-very fine 4 Eggs

8 oz Cream cheese at

-room temperature 1/2 c Parsley, chopped

-very fine 2 c Dry bread crumbs

1 ts Salt

1 ts Rosemary, dried

1 ts Oregano, dried

1/4 ts Black pepper, ground

Fry the bacon and crumble it as fine as possible. Reserve some of the grease. Chop the mushrooms, onion, celery and parsley as fine as possible. A food processor works best, but you can do it by hand if need be. Saute the onion and celery in the bacon grease until soft, then remove from the grease and drain. Meanwhile, beat the cream cheese slightly, and then beat in the eggs. Add all other ingredients to the eggs/cheese mixture. Mix thoroughly. Grease a large loaf pan or two small, line with foil, and then grease the foil. Pat the mixture into the loaf pan and cover loosely with foil. Bake for 1 1/2 hours at 400 degrees F. Let cool completely before serving. This pate is actually best when refrigerated before serving. Serve with crackers, or with bread cut into shapes with cookie cutters. To make this a more elegant buffet dish, garnish the top with a thin layer of aspic. NOTES: * This is heavenly stuff for a buffet, and for those people who love to munch, but hate liver pate. We found it in a magazine some years ago. The magazine has long since been forgotten, but this I know by heart! Yield: 1 large loaf. * American bacon is called smoked back bacon in many other places. : Difficulty: easy if you have a food processor. : Time: 20 minutes preparation, several hours baking and cooling. : Precision: Approximate measurement OK. : Terry Grevstad : Network Research Corporation, Oxnard, Calif., USA : {sdcsvax,hplabs}!sdcrdcf!psivax!nrcvax!terry : Copyright (C) 1986 USENET Community Trust