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Recipe Name Category Total Views
1 Saumon En Paupiette Au Beurre Blanc Seafood 124
2 Red Snapper In Brodetto with Polenta Seafood 111
3 Mako Shark Steak Au Poivre Seafood 95
4 Avocado Stuffed with Smoked Fish (West Africa) Seafood 92
5 Brandy Jumbo Shrimp Seafood 91
6 Baby Salmon Stuffed with Caviar Ii (Mousse) Seafood 88
7 Baja Seafood Stew Seafood 84
8 Redfish En Croute Aux Deux Mousses Seafood 83
9 Salmon with Asparagus Sauce Seafood 83
10 Clam Chowder Manhattan Style Seafood 82
11 Baked Cod On Bed Of Peppers Seafood 81
12 Baked Sea Bass with Black-Olive Sauce Seafood 79
13 Salmon "In My Style" Seafood 79
14 Pastel De Pescado Seafood 79
15 Sole a La Catalane Seafood 79
16 A Squid Dish for Days of Abstinence (circa 1475) Seafood 76
17 Pepper Oysters Seafood 76
18 Baked Bass Seafood 76
19 A Jellie Of Fyshe Seafood 74
20 Poached Fish with Tomatoes and Purple Basil Seafood 74
21 Scallops Ceviche Seafood 74
22 Swordfish Escabeche Seafood 73
23 Fish Broth with Oysters and Saffron Seafood 71
24 Oysters Souvenir De Tahaa Seafood 71
25 Artichoke and Oyster Souffle Seafood 69
26 Fried Crawfish Tails Seafood 49
27 Braised Whole Fillet Of Salmon (Julia Child) Seafood 45
28 Deep-Fried Squid Seafood 45
29 Citrus Shrimp Seafood 45
30 Cioppinio Seafood 41
31 Fillet Of Salmon with Anchovies and Tomatoes Seafood 41
32 Baked Stuffed Red Snapper Seafood 41
33 Coquilles Saint Jacques Parisienne Seafood 41
34 Drunken Fish Seafood 40
35 Fish Fantastic and Fast Seafood 40
36 Baked Halibut On a Bed Of Peppers Seafood 40
37 Fish Steamed In Napa Cabbage - *P Cooking Cla Seafood 39
38 Corn and Crab Chowder Seafood 39
39 Bay Scallop Stew Seafood 39
40 Garlic Shrimp - Goong Kratiem Prik Thai * Seafood 38
41 Clam Fritters Seafood 38
42 Baked Red Snapper Seafood 38
43 Flounder 0r Sole Fillets Seafood 38
44 Cajun Soft-Shell Crabs On Buns Seafood 37
45 Filleted Trout with Macadamia Nuts and Fried Capers Seafood 37
46 Coquilles Saint-Jacques Seafood 37
47 Caribean Fish Fillet Seafood 36
48 Green Shrimp Soup Seafood 35
49 Broiled Open-Faced Crab Sandwiches Seafood 34
50 Fish Broth (Brodo Di Pesce) Seafood 31

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Related Recipe:
Bread In Jars: Pumpkin Spice

----Supplies Needed---- 8 jars Ball (#14400-81400) -- (12 oz)

8 new lids - don't use old ones

8 rings okay to use old ones

----Batter---- 1 c raisins

2 c unbleached flour

2 tsps baking soda

1/4 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

2 tsps cloves

2 tsps cinnamon

1 tsp ginger

4 egg whites -- whipped

2 c granulated sugar

1 c margarine -- softened

2 c pumpkin

Preheat oven at 325. Place a baking sheet onto middle rack and remove top rack f rom oven. Before starting batter, wash jars, lids, and rings in hot soapy water and let drain, dry, and cool to room temperature. Generously prepare inside of jars with margarine. To prepare batter, combine raisins, flour, baking soda, b aking powder, salt, cloves, cinnamon, and ginger in a mixing bowl. In another m ixing bowl, combine egg whites, sugar, margarine, and pumpkin. Divide batter am ong 8 jars (should be slightly less than half full). Carefully wipe rims clean, then place jars on baking sheet (or they'll tip over) in the center of oven. Ba ke 40 minutes. Keep lids in hot water until they're used. When cakes are done, remove jars which are HOT from oven one at a time. If rims need cleaning, use moistened paper towel. Carefully put lids and rings in place, then screw tops o n tightly shut. Place jars on a wire rack; they will seal as they cool.

Once jars are cool, decorate with round pieces of cloth. Unscrew the ring (the lid should be sealed by now) and place a few cotton balls on top of the lid (mak es it poofy on top), then a piece of cloth (about 3" larger than the lid) on top and screw the ring back on. Decorate as desired (example pinking shears).